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The Explorers


Today's Explorer's Tomorrow's Leaders

The Explorer Post was established in the 1970s and has been a guiding force in the development of hundreds of young men and women since its inception. The Explorer Post offers individuals 14 to 20 years of age a unique opportunity to learn about law enforcement. Explorers complete a modified police academy training, assist officers in various tasks from parking, traffic, and crowd control to support services for events throughout the city of Simi Valley, and are able to participate in ride-a-longs with Police Officers and other positions within the Police Department.  While this leads to about 5,000 hours of volunteer time for the explorers it also builds a sense of pride and teaches the explorers leadership, professionalism, character, and life skills.  These skills learned are used throughout the country in different explorer competition. 

A Look Into the Past

"The Explorer Program showed and opened the pathway to a career that not only do I want to do but enjoy as well, while teaching me life skills that can be used anywhere."

—  Austin Santiago, Police Services Officer

The Explorers Past and Present Photos

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